Certain Marketing Mistakes Indie Devs Make With Their Games

Certain Marketing Mistakes Indie Devs Make With Their Games

Marketing is a vital aspect of the growth of a product. Mostly, in the gaming industry, lots of developers are getting into the gaming business these days. The Indie game developers are really passionate about their work but, they make some simple mistakes before getting in the market, which is why they are behind in popularity and reach.

Some mistakes that they usually make are listed below:

  • Not looking for your competition: It is necessary for the developers to do some research before getting into the market with their idea. So you must understand the games that people like and develop the games according to consumer choices and preferences.
  • Customers’ feedback is mandatory: These developers always commit the fault of not asking for the customers’ feedback. They must ask for customer feedback because it is them playing the game. Hence they will share their experience better than anyone. It helps you to understand whether people are liking your idea or content or not.
  • Not investing in the market: This is another problem that Indie developers face. They often get so focused on the development of the games that they forget to do the marketing promotions of your game. Because no matter how exciting a game is, it is useless unless the users get to see them and play
  • Joining game communities: The developers should join the game community and share their work though, the whole game is not ready. It will still be getting the idea and feedback from the followers and experts. The world’s factor is a very crucial thing that you need to carry with your work.

How can they bring a change?

Indie Devs can improve their marketing strategy by creating a dedicated marketing team. They can employ different modes of digital marketing as well as advertise their games on Newspapers and TV. Launching trials, demos, and teasers before the actual release of the game would excite the audience. It would drive more and more gamers towards playing their games. They can also collaborate with other game developers who have a good reach in the market. It will help them grow along. Promoting the games through websites by making regular updates is also a great idea.

In conclusion, these are the simple mistakes that Indie developer is making, which they can sort if they take the correct decision and work with proper a strategy and plan.